Seth Newsome (SDN)

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Emma Elliott Smith (EES)

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BIOL 419/519

PAIS 2120
Lecture: Tuesday & Thursday 9:30–10:45AM
Lab: Wednesday 2:00–4:00PM

Course Syllabus
Reading Report Form
CSI Sample Submission Form

Course Schedule

Week 1

August 22nd: Introductions, Expectations, and Ecological Origins

August 24th: Definitions and Fractionation (SDN)

Reading: *Ben-David and Flaherty 2012.pdf

Lab (8/23): Group Project Discussion and Form Groups

Week 2

August 29th: Isotopes in Water (SDN)

August 31st: Isotopes in Plant Water* (SDN)

Reading: *Dawson 1998; Bowen et al. 2005.pdf

Lab (8/30): Experimental Design and Field Methods

Assignment Due (9/1): Ideas for Group Projects

Week 3

September 5th: Primary Producer Carbon (EES)

September 7th: Primary Producer Carbon* (EES)

Reading: *Driscoll et al. 2020.pdf; Cerling et al. 1997.pdf

Lab (9/6): Introduction to Gear I: CSI Tour (EA/TCEA/GB–IRMS)

Week 4

September 12th: Primary Producer Nitrogen I (SDN)

September 14th: Primary Producer Nitrogen II* (SDN)

Reading: *Austin and Vitousek 1998.pdf; Amundson et al. 2003.pdf

Lab (9/13): Sample Preparation I: Decalcification, Lipid-Extraction, Microbalance; Sample Preparation Protocols

Assignment Due (9/15): Project Description and References Guidelines (50 points)

Week 5

September 19th: Isotopic Incorporation (EES/SDN)

September 21st: Isotopic Incorporation (EES/SDN)

Reading: *Moore et al. 2016.pdf; Martinez del Rio and Carleton 2012.pdf

Lab (9/20): Mixing Models (SDN); Linear Mixing Model Exercise (Group Work Time)

Week 6

September 26th: Consumer Carbon I (EES)

September 28th: Consumer Carbon II* (EES)

Reading: *Kurle et al. 2014.pdf; Kelly 2000.pdf

Lab (9/27): Introduction to Gear II: CSI Tour (GCC–IRMS and Picarro)

Week 7

October 3rd: Consumer Nitrogen (SDN)

October 5th: Consumer Nitrogen* (SDN)

Reading: *Croll et al. 2005.pdf; Vanderklift and Ponsard 2003.pdf

Lab (10/4): Sample Preparation II: Sample Homogenization, Cryodistillation

Assignment Due: Experimental Design and Methods Guidelines (50 Points); Example: SEV Smammals

Week 8

October 10th: Consumer Hydrogen (SDN)

October 12th: FALL BREAK (NO CLASS)

Reading: *Newsome et al. 2007.pdf; Clegg et al. 2003.pdf

Lab (10/11): Group Work Time

Week 9

October 17th: Consumer Sulfur (SDN)

October 19th: Consumer Oxygen (SDN)

Reading: *Moore et al. 2016.pdf; Martinez del Rio and Carleton 2012.pdf

Lab (10/18): Mixing Models (SDN); Linear Mixing Model Exercise (Group Work Time)

Week 10

October 24th: Producer Amino Acid Nitrogen (SDN)

October 26th: Consumer Amino Acid Nitrogen* (SDN)

Reading: *McMahon and McCarthy 2016.pdf; Ramirez et al. 2021.pdf

Lab (10/25): Visualizing Data and Data Reduction; CN Data Corrections

Assignment Due: Bayesian Mixing Model Exercise (Thursday November 4th)

Week 11

October 31st: Producer Amino Acid Carbon (EES)

November 2nd: Consumer Amino Acid Carbon (EES)

Reading: *Elliott Smith et al. 2021.pdf; Larsen et al. 2009.pdf

Lab (11/1): Bayesian Mixing Models (SIMMR); R Installation Instructions; SIMMR Assignment; SIMMR Assignment Data

CLASS SIMMR DEMO: SIMMR Code; geese; sources; corrections

Assignment Due: Linear Mixing Model Exercise

Week 12

November 7th: Consumer Amino Acid Carbon (EES)

November 9th: Consumer Amino Acid Hydrogen (EES)

Reading: *West et al. 2009.pdf; Fogel et al. 2016.pdf

Lab (11/8): Spatial Metrics (SIBER); SIBER Assignment

CLASS SIBER DEMO: SIBER Code; Demo Sea Otter Data

Week 13

November 16th: Spillover/Choose Your Own Adventure

November 18th: Spillover/Choose Your Own Adventure

Reading: *Wang et al. 2015.pdf; Ruess and Chamberlain 2010.pdf

Lab (11/17): Linear Discriminant Analysis (Group Work Time); LDA Assignment; Producer_Library

CLASS LDA DEMO: Essential AA LDA Demo; Consumers; Producers

Assignment Due: SIBER Exercise (Tuesday November 23rd)

Week 14

November 21st: OPEN LECTURE


Lab (11/22): NO LAB

Assignment Due: LDA Exercise (Tuesday November 30th)

Project Pre-Proposal Guidelines; Oral Presentation Evaluation

Week 15

November 28th: Jon Dombrosky (Historical Ecology)

December 30th: Nadia Neff (Human Nutrition)

Lab (11/29): Group Work Time

Assignment Due: Submit Project Pre-Proposal for Peer Evaluation (Wednesday December 1st); Peer Review Guidelines

Week 16

December 5th: Group Project Presentations

December 7th: Group Project Presentations

Lab (12/6): Group Project Presentations

Assignment Due: Submit Project Pre-Proposal Peer Evaluations (Wednesday December 8th)

Final Pre-Proposal Due: Monday December 13th

Supplemental Readings