Bosque School–CSI Stable Isotope Workshop


Viorel Atudorei (UNM)

Geraldine Busquets Vass (UNM)

Joshua Cortez (UNM)

Emma Elliott Smith (UNM)

Kim Fike (Bosque School)

Anejelique Martinez (UNM)

Seth Newsome (UNM)

Mikayla Ranspot (UNM)

Alana Robinson (UNM)

Rachel Seddon (UNM)

Dan Shaw (Bosque School)

Caitlin Zimmer (UNM)


Course Schedule

Course Syllabus

Reading Report Form


Course Background Reading

Ben-David and Flaherty 2012.pdf


Day #1: Thursday September 21st (Bosque School)

     Morning: Isotopes Overview, Carbon in Plants, Carbon in Animals, Nitrogen in Plants, Nitrogen in Animals

     Afternoon: Experimental Design and Fieldwork

Day #2: Friday October 22nd (UNM–CSI in PAIS Building)

     Morning: EA-IRMS, Sample Preparation Stations (4X)

     Afternoon: Isotopes in Water, Project Sample Preparation

Day #3: Saturday October 23rd (UNM–CSI in PAIS Building)

     Morning: Visualizing Isotope Data

     Afternoon: Group Presentations and Future Opportunities