BEMP–CSI Stable Isotope Workshop


Viorel Atudorei (UNM)

Alexi Besser (UNM)

Laura Burkemper (UNM)

Katie Elder (BEMP)

Gregor Hamilton (UNM)

Emma Elliott Smith (UNM)

Christy Mancuso (UNM)

Phil Manlick (UNM)

Seth Newsome (UNM)

Laura Pages (BEMP)

Zoë Rossman (UNM)

Course Schedule

Course Syllabus

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Bosque Consumer Data

Bosque Plant Data

Bosque Insect Data



Course Background Reading

Ben-David and Flaherty 2012


Day #1 (Bosque School)

     Morning: Carbon, Nitrogen, Hydrogen, and Oxygen Isotopes in Water, Plants, Bacteria, and Animals

     Isotopes Intro, Water Isotopes, Carbon in Plants, Carbon in Animals, Nitrogen in Plants, Nitrogen in Animals

     Afternoon: Experimental Design and Fieldwork

Day #2 (UNM–CSI)

     Morning: Sample Preparation and Gear: EA-IRMS

     Afternoon: Project Sample Preparation

Day #3 (UNM–CSI)

     Morning: Visualizing Isotope Data

     Afternoon: Group Presentations, Certificates, and Future Opportunities